Crimea Archive

Russia Close to Connecting Land Bridge to Crimea

TLDRUpFront: Continued advances in the south mean Putin is only a few days from major operational success in connecting Crimea to Russia if Mairpoul falls. And even as offensives stall in punishing sieges in the north, only Mairpoul along with Mykolaiv and Odesa to the west keep Russia from taking the southern coastline of Ukraine.

Historical Mullet: Ukraine and Russia go to War

TLDRUpFront: As thousands of Russian troops move into Crimea Ukrainian Prime Minister Klitschko declares it an act of war. 

Historical Mullet: Armed groups Russian into Crimean chaos Putin things back in order.

TLDRUpFront: Russia continues military deployments into Crimea and eastern Ukraine. Ostensibly to secure Russian assets this is beginning to look like an intervention. 

Historical Mullet: Unknown Militants in Crimea Seize Parliament

TLDRUpFront: Well-armed men from an 'unknown' faction have seized the parliament building in Crimea. They have since raised the Russian flag over the building.

HistoricalMullet: Maidan Revolution topples Yanukovych Regime

TLDRUpFront: After bloody street battles attempts to suppress the Maidan Revolution with the military have failed - leading to the collapse of the regime, freeing of political prisoners, and growing instability across the country.