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HistoricalMullet: Iraq Al-Queda: Why are we searching in Iraq?

We’re spending a lot of time on the ground looking for evidence Iraq was directly linked with Al-Queda (it being one of the reasons we went to war). But don’t we have in our custody, and have had for the last year, the top operations planner of Al-Queda? The “COO” of the group so to

HistoricalMullet: Tally on War: Costs vs. Achievement of Objectives

I’m trying to keep a tally of what Gulf War II has cost vs. what we achieved. This is still a developing situation, it could change tomorrow or not change in the next few weeks at all. My fear is a sense of jingoistic achievement (we WON after all right?) and the short attention span

HistoricalMullet: Nuremburg or Decapitation Strike

First analysis on the use of targeted military strikes on leaders of violent forces and the implications of imminent threat. In the end, in this case, I got my wish that Saddam stood trial and was executed. See Discussion at the end for additional commentary. (9/30/2023) Watching the events on TV this evening (another missile

HistoricalMullet: Turkey and Iraq Opposition

Man Bush can’t win a break on the diplomatic front. Turkey’s now moving it’s army to a 12mile occupation zone inside northern Iraq. Given their recent conversations at Ankara with Iranian envoys I fervently hope we can stop them from a Partition of Poland part Deux. This one really gets me, Bush is liberating Iraq,

HistoricalMullet: Phew! At least we have Portugal!

On the eve of the US invasion of Iraq the "Coalition of the Willing" leaves much to be desired, as does the case for war on the basis of an imminent threat. This is the last post in the "Between 9/11 and the Iraq War" Historical Mullet series. Original discussion is included in the first

HistoricalMullet: The UN Coalition

The consensus against the US on Iraq grows as Nelson Mandela and Jaques Chirac, Presidents of South Africa and France respectively state that the US must seek UN approval prior to attack. Post includes original commentary in first comment.

HistoricalMullet: What if it’s not about Iraq?

Only a few weeks short of the first anniversary of 9/11 it describes a growing concern that the international order was turning away from the US march to war, and what ramifications there might be if a balance-of-power coalition forming against the US as the sole super-power in the world. Post includes original commentary