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The 5-8 Year Itch: ISIS Returns to Baghdad

TLDRUpFront: ISIS conducted a complex attack in the center of Baghdad killing over 30 and wounding over 100. The time, location, and method all symbolize the deadly return to the city ISIS once terrorized putting an exclamation point on their operational recovery in Iraq. Widespread insurgency could come next.

InfoMullet: The New Young Street Escalates in Lebanon, Returns to Iraq, and Persists in Iran

TLDRUpFront: For several months now the InfoMullet has been tracking a wave of instability hitting countries lying south of 30 Degrees North that have large youth populations, systemic economic weakness, and rising distrust and disgust not just with a dictator or political party – but the entire system of governance itself. Today we review one

InfoMullet: Coda to Act I & Intro to Act II in the Aftermath of Soleimani

TLDRUpFront: A week out now’s a good time to review what’s happened in the aftermath of the strike against Soleimani. In this post I walk through how erroneous mental-models caused so many to miss Iran’s de-escalation signals, what those signals were, and leveraging what we now know to make a forecast of what may happen

InfoMullet: A Backgrounder on General Soleimani

TLDRUpFront: A quick backgrounder on General Soleimani, commander of Iranian’s special forces and cornerstone of Iranian foreign policy, killed by a US military strike last night outside the Baghdad Airport. Possessing once-in-a-generation capabilities crossing military strategy and diplomacy both across state and non-state actors. Removing him creates a question as hard to answer as asking

InfoMullet: New Breed of Middle Eastern Protester: the Young Street

TLDRUpFront: Protests continue to occur in Lebanon and what had been protests turned into a limited uprising this week in Iraq. While the US was consumed with self-inflicted chaos in Syria that is still sorting itself out, the book-ends of semi-stability on either side of the country are falling apart. Not that Iraq was all

InfoMullet: Domestic Instability Abounds Abroad

TLDRUpFront: It’s been a busy week outside the United States as well for domestic disturbances. In Iraq, Egypt, Hong Kong, France, Ecuador and Britain domestic instability that didn’t originate from President Trump took center stage. Taken as a whole it points to a gathering trend towards instability.

InfoMullet: We Besiege Thee, Hear Us

TLDR Upfront: The siege of Mosul has begun. This battle represents the last major offensive in Iraq to clear ISIS of holding territory in the country.

HistoricalMullet: Iraq Al-Queda: Why are we searching in Iraq?

We’re spending a lot of time on the ground looking for evidence Iraq was directly linked with Al-Queda (it being one of the reasons we went to war). But don’t we have in our custody, and have had for the last year, the top operations planner of Al-Queda? The “COO” of the group so to

HistoricalMullet: Tally on War: Costs vs. Achievement of Objectives

I’m trying to keep a tally of what Gulf War II has cost vs. what we achieved. This is still a developing situation, it could change tomorrow or not change in the next few weeks at all. My fear is a sense of jingoistic achievement (we WON after all right?) and the short attention span

HistoricalMullet: Nuremburg or Decapitation Strike

First analysis on the use of targeted military strikes on leaders of violent forces and the implications of imminent threat. In the end, in this case, I got my wish that Saddam stood trial and was executed. See Discussion at the end for additional commentary. (9/30/2023) Watching the events on TV this evening (another missile