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Trump Fires Lieutenant Secretary of State & Abolishes Russian Raconteur Department

WASHINGTON (AP) President Trump announced the dismissal of another Obama political appointee by tweet while visiting Saudi Arabia with his wife Melania and daughter Ivanka on Saturday. The tweet by Trump read “Can u[sic] believe Obama appointees? Malcolm Randolph worst Lt. Sec of State ever. Mismanaged Russian Raconteur Dept. Wasted taxpayer$$. Fired!!” At the same

InfoMullet: Aiming at Toes

TLDR Upfront: With Cabinet nominations now solely a spectator sport after the elimination of the cabinet filibuster, and the ACA repeal via reconciliation largely baked in because it was *passed* with reconciliation - one may feel there is little legislative leverage points to apply to the administration. Oh ye of little faith.

HistoricalMullet: Are we at the precipice of formless war?

A few months ago I posted the defensive side of the policy questions - how do, or can, we proportionally respond to foreign cyber attacks?