Monthly Archive:: January 2019

Q10 Will Brexit remain a mess?

2018 New Year’s Eve Forecast (What’s this?) In systems theory we often describe how there are so many balancing loops constraining behavior that systems tend to revert to the mean and away from chaos. That usually only leaves shock events as capable of creating chaos, and then the balancing loops activate and drive the system

Q11 Relations between the US and EU in the coming year?

2018 New Years Eve Forecast (What’s this?) Honestly, the EU has a lot more to fear from Russia and Brexit than the US. And that’s not discounting the severity of trade wars or military alliance disputes, but simply recognizing the enormity of Brexit and Russia as issues for the EU. In my view EU is

Q12 Thoughts on Elizabeth Warren running for President?

2018 New Year’s Eve Forecast (What’s this?) I see Warren as the mirror image of Cruz, and because they are mirror images of one another they will find the same problems in getting a path to the Presidency. They are both Senators who have found routes to power outside of the Senate by being firebrands

BONUS ROUND Q13: Israel’s election?

As a bonus round here’s my favorite forecast, which was the non-forecast on Israel’s election. This was Unlucky Question 13, which should’ve been a warning sign all on it’s own. 2018 New Year’s Eve Forecast (What’s this?) Getting back to this I’m going to have to pass. I just don’t track Israeli local politics close